What to Expect


 For nearly 2000 years, followers of Jesus have gathered on Sundays to praise and petition God, to study His revealed message and to enjoy spending time with other followers and seekers of Jesus.

The Bible’s longest book is comprised of songs and prayers, not just by kings but by ordinary people, so in our worship assemblies our entire congregation praises God in song.  One or more of our members also leads our congregation in group prayer.  (We also pray individually, believing that God hears prayers from any place and at any time.)

In our worship assemblies, we also read and explain the Bible.  At least twice, a member or the whole congregation will read aloud excerpts of scripture.  These readings remind us that God’s revealed will should shape ours. Each week one of our ministers also delivers a carefully prepared Bible lesson to help us better understand the text and follow its directives.

Also each week, we observe the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, a ritual meal of unleavened bread and unfermented wine, as a reminder of the body and blood of Jesus.  In our practice, each assembled individual decides for himself or herself whether to partake.  In this memorial meal, we are reminded that through Jesus’ death and resurrection, and not by our efforts, the Heavenly Father has empowered Jesus’ disciples to be part a living community of faith we sometimes call the Body of Christ.  As a separate act of devotion, we collect money from the congregation’s members and others who wish to give. Gifts should be made cheerfully, thankfully and voluntarily.  We use the gifts to carry on this congregation’s work in our neighborhood achurch-pewnd throughout world.

Following each service, our ministers and shepherds privately accept prayer requests and answer questions about
our congregation and its teachings.

Our planned worship assembly ends around 11:45 (but occasionally is extended to accommodate requests for public prayer or baptism).