Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 18

  • Sundays at 5 @ 5pm (See April for details)
  • Burgess/Barbour Small Group @ 6pm
  • Taylor Small Group @ 6pm (See Justin or Robin for details)
  • Kingstowne Small Group @ 6pm (See Devon or Amy Smith)
  • Spanish Evening Assembly @ 6pm

Tuesday August 20

  • Prayer Group @ 10:30am – See Claudia for details

Wednesday, August 21

  • NO Christ-Centered Yoga @ 6:00 (See Beth for Details)
  • Day 4 Small Group @ 7:30pm
  • Young Adult Small Group @ 7:30pm
  • Spanish Evening Bible Study @ 7:30pm


August 25 – Teacher Appreciation Day

September 06 – Friday 1st Brown Bag Small Group

September 10 – Monthly Reading Circle Small Group

Keep checking back for events coming up.


Here are pics from our recent Food Drive at the close of July.  Several came to help collect and prepare the food, and stayed for games, activities, and a visit from the DC Captain Cookie Truck.