Read the Bible

read-the-bible Reading the Bible is one of the most important steps one can take to better know the Christian God.  Unfortunately it is a step seldom done. What seems to be easy quickly becomes more tedious than expected.  It takes forming a habit and giving it time.  We at Arlington would like to encourage you to begin and continue this journey.  Below are 5 steps to help you on your path to reading the Bible this year, and the next.  Keep in mind, this is only for reading through the Bible in a year.  This is not the same as Bible study.  As you move through, be sure to mark chapters and books that interest you so that you may return for further study later on.

  1. Begin today.  Do not worry about a plan.  Do not mark a date to begin and end in your calendar.  Simply pick up a Bible and start reading from Genesis.
  2. You are only reading to see the story.  The goal is to FINISH.  Do not try to find some spiritual meaning from the text.  This is the number one reason people stop reading.  They feel that because so much is going on they are missing out on receiving something spiritual.  Remember, the Bible is comprised of over 60 books with different types of literature.  You will not pick up on everything.  Sometimes you may even zone out.  Other times you may end with no clue as to what you’ve read.  It’s ok.  Press forward.  You’ll pick up more than you think.  Don’t stop.
  3. Find a Bible that you like.  Most Bibles are over 1000 pages.  Study Bibles or Life Application Bibles only add to that.  Find the color and the size that’s right for you.  Look at the font size as well.  You’re going to be spending every day with this book for the next 3-12 months: reading it, carrying it, even writing in it.  You need something that is comfortable.  It helps.
  4. Read it as quickly as possible.  The longer it takes to complete, the tougher it gets.  A 90-Day plan will average 35 minutes a day.  6 months is also a great plan.  Both are attached at the bottom.  If you want to read it in a year, there are numerous plans online to help.  Try to keep it within a year.
  5. Find someone to talk with as you go.  Don’t start a book club, just find someone who has read it or is interested in reading it and be accountable.  Tell them where you are, what you like and don’t like, what you don’t understand and what you never noticed.  Days you feel like you don’t remember anything are the best times to talk.  You’ll be surprised at what you can recall.

Once you’ve completed the Bible, read it again.  And again and again.  Continue reading it.  Do it every year.  If you’re already doing this then find someone who hasn’t read it and offer to do it with them.  We must strive to be a people who are constantly learning about our God and helping others to do the same. 90-day bible reading plan: (Download PDF) Six-month bible reading plan: (Download PDF)