Please join us at 9:30am for our Bible Study


The Master’s Stories: Meanings and Applications

Taught by Lloyd Randolph and Gomi Otokwala

Jesus’ parables, comprising about one-third of his teaching as recorded in canonical gospels, puzzled and challenged his original audiences.  How have they been interpreted–on questions ranging from the character of God, the role of Jesus, the coming of his kingdom and the consequences for its citizens?  What lessons should we draw from Jesus’ stories for our own lives?  If you have an internet-capable portable device (e.g., smartphone, tablet), please bring it to class, as participants will use these for interactive classroom exercises.

This class is open to all.

Starting All Over Again…Lessons from Ruth

Taught by Kathy Younger

This is a textual study of Ruth in a way you may have never looked at it before.  Ruth is a powerful story of loss, love, hope, and redemption.  Join us as we go back in time to learn a story and the lessons it has for us today.

This class is open to women only.